International Travel Institute (ITI) offers The Travel Institute of Framingham, MA, home study program for new agents to participate in the TAP – Travel Agent Proficiency Certification Test. The TAP Test is recognized nationally within the travel industry as a basic competency test that measures the entry-level knowledge of all aspects of the travel industry.

The TAP Test questions are primarily based on the study material in the textbook – Travel Career Development , 9th Edition. A companion workbook contains exercises that correspond to each chapter of the textbook, and emphasizes hands-on-learning. Curriculum content includes: travel services and products, technology, geography, selling techniques, topical is-sues, and career opportunities.

This self-study independent program contains a comprehensive collection of essential tools for entry-level travel professionals including:

  • Travel Career Development, 9th Edition
  • Travel Career Development, Student Workbook, 9th Edition
  • Exploring the World; Geography for Travel Professionals, 3nd Edition
  • Exploring the World, Student Workbook
  • TAP Test Voucher – ($90 Value) ITI is an approved testing site for this exam.
  • A student uses their own time-table in completing the study material – estimated time is 15 to 17 weeks, but may take up to one year.

The TAP Test consists of 100 multiple-choice questions, from a test bank of 150. The test is closed-book, two hours in duration, with no notes, textbook or other study material permitted. A minimum score of 70 percent is required to pass the TAP test, and the score is based on correctly answered questions. No credit for blank, incorrect or more than one answer.

Test questions are spread over the following travel subject matter: Air Transportation – 10%; Accommodations – 10%; Ground Transportation – 8%; Cruises – 10%; Tours – 10%; Interna-tional Travel – 10%; Sales & Service – 10%; Travel Operations & Technology – 7%; Profes-sional Development – 5%; and Destination Geography – 20%.

Example of Sample Questions:

1. A complete record of a reservation displayed on a computer screen is



C. a PNR (correct answer)


2. A BritRail Pass is valid in which locations?

A. England, Scotland, and Wales (correct answer)

B. England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland

C. England, Scotland, Wales and France

D. England and Scotland only

3. A cruise ticket states that the ship will sail at 15:30. What time is it?

A. 1:30 AM

B. 5:30 AM

C. 3:30 PM (correct answer)

D. 5:30 PM

4. Which nation has no coastline on the Mediterranean Sea?

A. France

B. Israel

C. Egypt

D. Austria (correct answer)

5. A cruise ship that calls on the port cities of Cabo San Lucas, Matzatlan and Acapulco probably originated in which embarkation port?

A. Los Angeles (correct answer)

B. San Juan

C. New Orleans

D. Miami

Tuition & Course Fees:

Registration Fee: $ 50.00

Tuition: $249.00 (Includes text and workbooks & Tap Test Voucher) Total Course Cost: $299.00 – Plus shipping & handling

Cancellation/Refund: $50 Registration Fee non-refundable. Tuition fully refundable less 20% Book re-stocking fee if books returned unused and in same new condition as presented, with-in one week of receipt.

Payment Method: Cash, check or credit card

TAP Test Location: ITI – 6363 Richmond Ave. Suite 200, Houston TX 77057

Course Enrollment: Please call ITI – 713 268-2600 or email -